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Hotheads is an extraordinary revolution to the hair industry and to hair extension clients. Manufactured with amazing quality human Remy hair, and with the cuticle still intact allows the extensions to be reapplied up to 4 times, while still looking and feeling fresh. Clients can get 8 to 10 weeks of wear from each application, that’s up to 40 weeks of wear!

Hotheads are easy to apply and are effectively very simple.  Adhesive weft tape-in hair extensions are made by gathering individual strands of cuticle intact human Remy hair in small sections and secured at the top of the weft with adhesive tape.  This adhesive tape is fixed to both sides of small sections of your natural hair.  These thin hair extension wefts don’t need any heat application, no sewing and with no need for tools, you can have fabulous hair in less than an hour! What’s more, tape-in hair extensions have been developed and designed to sit flat to the head for an undetectable flawless finish. Whether you want to add length, thickness or want to add highlights to your existing hair color, Hotheads Tape-In hair extensions are applied using an easy and safe method, reducing damage to your own natural hair.

Frequently asked questions-

 Are Hotheads made of human hair or synthetic hair?

Hotheads are 100% human Remy hair. This means that great care is taken to ensure that all of the cuticles of the hair are facing the same direction so the hair doesn’t mat or tangle. Most of the hair comes from India and Europe.

Can you use a curling iron, blow dryer, hot rollers, flat iron on Hotheads?

Absolutely! It’s human hair! A thermal protectant spray is recommended for all hair when using heat tools.

Are they colored to match hair exactly or can they be colored?

Yes, you can color the extensions up to 2 levels darker.  Hotheads come in ombre, rooted and solid colors and can be custom blended to match most hair.

Can you pull your hair up or back with them in?

Yes, your hair can be worn in low ponytails or buns. No cheerleader ponytails!

 Can Hotheads be used just to lengthen bangs?

Hotheads can’t be used to lengthen bangs but the newest product coming from Hot Heads, Tress Couture, offers clip in bangs. I’m sure I’ll be selling a ton of those!

 How much do Hotheads Hair Extensions cost and what is the maintenance?

Generally the cost is between $800 and $1100 depending on length, color, and amount of hair needed. That includes the hair, application, and cutting to blend them into your existing haircut. An hour maintenance appointment every 8 weeks costs about $100.

Who is a good candidate for Hotheads Hair Extensions?

Anyone looking for length, volume, or replacement! Some of my clients have hair that is so thin you could see right through it, those are my favorite applications because you can literally see the confidence growing right there in the chair.

Do I need special shampoo and conditioner for the extensions?

Yes, Opulence will recommend the best products for your hair. Do NOT use any products containing alcohol, oils, or ethanol, as this will loosen the adhesion.

HotHead pricing-

Extensions Consultation         15 mins            $20

Fee waived when appointment is booked

Extension Application                        90 min

Pricing is available upon consultation. $800-$1100

Includes hair, application, and cutting to blend them into your existing haircut.

During the first 4 weeks, client will receive 2 “fix” appts free, unless client caused the damage.

Extensions Maintenance         75 mins               $90 and up  

All extensions are removed, hair is washed and dried and extensions are placed back into the hair. (approximantly every 8-10 weeks)

Highlight and Extensions Maintenance          135 mins   $195 and up

Highlight, shampoo, blow dry and Extensions Maintenance

Tint and Extensions Maintenance       120 mins          $165 and up   

Base tint, shampoo, blow dry and Extensions Maintenance

Extension Maintenance for New Clients        75 mins            $140 and up   

Shampoo, blow dry and Hot Heads move up for clients that did not have the hair initially installed at Opulence Hair Salon

Extension “at home” products-

Full size brush             14.00

Small purse brush        8.00

Bohne comb for wet/dry detangling  14.00

Opulence proudly carries hi-quality retail products, a personalized at home regimen will be recommended by your stylist.

Permanent removal of extensions-

$45 and up

For our clients, these products have completely changed the way their hair looks and how they feel about themselves. Now you can attain long beautiful hair without any damage. Please feel free to contact me with any further questions.

No Heat, No tools. No Damage. Fabulous Hair in 1 hour or less!

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