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Curly Hair Tips & Recommendations

Curly Hair Information

Curly hair tends to be very dry and sometimes coarse which leads to frizzy unmanageable curls that can be difficult to style. The goal with curly hair is to add moisture, disturb the curls the least amount possible, and add humidity resistance.

A big complaint from curly haired clients is that their hair is too full, they’re afraid of layering because of the fear of their hair becoming too full. A lot of times with the correct product usage you can change this quite a bit. Generally for curly hair the more dry your hair is the fuller it will be, the more moisture you can add to your hair the smoother it will be and will tend to change the shape of the silhouette.

Curly Hair needs to be cut differently because it generally doesn’t hang down and follow the head shape like smoother/flatter hair does. It’s more about creating a silhouette and examining where the hair falls. All of our designers have extensive training in curly hair techniques.

Curly Hair Tips

  • Curly hair should not be washed as frequently because of the natural inclination to be dry.
  • Re-wet with water, leave-in conditioner, or curl rejuvinator to touch up style between shampoos or use a dry shampoo to reduce oils.
  • Comb your hair using a wide tooth comb/pick in the shower while the conditioner is still in and then rinse and don’t comb again.
  • Use a leave-in conditioner to add more moisture and protection, either spray in or work through with fingers depending on product.
  • Choose styling product that provide control and smoothing. Smoothing products aren’t just for straight hair, they help to smooth curls and reduce frizz.
  • Use a blow dryer with a diffuser attachment for the most control. Make sure your blow dryer is set to low air flow and a low to medium heat.
  • Make sure to layer in a finishing product for humidity resistance and to smooth and define curls. A lot of clients are afraid to touch their hair when it’s dry but it’s really the only way to work in finishing product unless you have a spray you like but you will still need to scrunch that in.


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